Antique French Cut Eternity Band

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SKU 6606-520-678

This band, hand-forged in precious Platinum, features vintage french cut diamonds. Measuring approximately 3.5mm wide, this piece features very true to period, high crown french cut diamonds. The open ajour work under the diamonds makes the band more delicate and easier to clean. The vintage theme of the piece is completed using single row millgraining.

  • Crafted In Platinum

Precious Platinum is the preferred white metal for Victor Canera. Platinum exceeds gold in rarity and has many distinct advantages when utilized in jewelry. These benefits include its non-oxidizing and non-tarnishing characteristics, hypoallergenic properties, greater durability, and higher color purity compared to white gold.

  • Hand made Art

This jewel is uniquely hand-forged using old world techniques. Victor Canera's hand-forged fabrication process produces jewels of the most exquisite quality compared to modern day techniques. Learn about Hand-Forged Jewelry →

SKU 6606-520-678
Model Number 30.1040
Metal Platinum
Finger Size 5.00
Pave Type None
Type of Pave Diamonds Full-cut melee
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  • Insurance Appraisal and Presentation Box

This item will be accompanied with a "Suggested Retail Replacement Value" document for insurance purposes and a Victor Canera presentation box.