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Vintage French Cut Halo Solitaire Ring
Mdl:20.1217 Vintage French Cut Halo Solitaire Ring

The majority of the buying public today ignores the huge advantages of giving their business to a jewelry studio, or "atelier" that actually manufactures jewelry. A little known fact is that the vast majority of jewelers are basically entrepreneurs who act as middlemen between the buyer and the studio that physically manufactures the final jewel. They act as the gate keepers or middlemen between you and the manufacturer that will actually produce your next engagement ring. This creates an extraneous layer between the consumer and the producer of of the jewelry. We believe that the “direct to consumer” business model is the way of the future. Many producers in various industries have streamlined their business model removing these middlemen that are, at the end of the day, an extraneous layer between the consumer and the producer

A Laser Welder
Tools of the Trade: A German Laser Welder essential for working with Platinum at the Victor Canera studio.

What are the advantages to the consumer though in dealing with a manufacturer directly? There are in fact, many advantages. One is the consumer being able to directly interact with the manufacturer that will work on their next engagement ring. With typical jewelers, the consumer is dependent on the seller or middleman to communicate and translate his preferences, ideas to the manufacturer. Will these ideas, hopes and dreams always be communicated clearly? Another advantage is knowledge born of experience. Does the jeweler know and understand the intricacies involved in producing a piece of jewelry and can give tangible advice based on that knowledge? In almost every instance the answer is no. Most jewelers have no bench experience creating jewelry. They are unable to give advice based on their experience working on a bench or creating jewelry.

Swiss Turning Lathe
Tools of the Trade: A Swiss Turning Lathe used to create jewelry at the Victor Canera studio.

Victor Canera on the other hand is an “atelier” or jewelry studio that physically produces jewelry. Our large capital investments over the years in tools and machinery help us to create some of the most exquisite jewelry available today. More importantly with decades of accumulated knowledge in creating jewelry, we can give advice to the consumer born of experience producing jewelry and of what is possible in handmade jewelry. Victor Canera is proud of being an American Jewelry manufacturer. We are beyond gratified and thankful that the products that we produce are appreciated for their craftsmanship which can become the heirlooms of tomorrow.