Blog / The Diamond Supply Chain & the Consumer

Since 2012, Victor Canera has been heavily involved in the designing and manufacturing of our Canera Signature diamonds. In 2014 we took the monumental step of purchasing a "sight" of rough diamonds from a major mining consortium. A "diamond sight" or "box" is a large assortment of rough diamonds that mining companies offer to diamond manufacturers. Diamond sights are typically valued from the hundreds of thousands to the millions of dollars. The purchase of this assortment of rough diamonds enabled us to rapidly produce dozens of our branded Canera signature diamonds allowing us to fill in some gaps in our line of diamonds. Finding a good source of high quality rough diamonds is currently the biggest obstacle for diamond producers.

A 1.515ct Canera European Round Diamond, Polished from a 4.97ct Canadian Rough Diamond.

Historically diamonds are produced through an established supply chain. This chain starts with the miners, to the rough diamond wholesaler to diamond manufacturer and then to the diamond wholesaler which in turns supplies the diamond retailer and finally to the consumer. This supply chain has served the industry well for the past century. The downside of this system is the lack of information and transparency to the consumer.

Few, if any, diamond retailers can provide a fingerprint or origin of the diamonds that they’re offering. Very rare is the breed of diamond e-tailer that's involved in the purchase of the physical rough diamonds and in the manufacturing of the stones that they will ultimately offer to the consumer. The overwhelming majority of diamond retailers purchase their diamonds in finished polished form from wholesalers. These retailers in turn, re-badge and re-package these diamonds and then offer them to the consumer.

Victor Canera meanwhile has integrated this supply chain. Our “sight” purchase of rough diamonds was purchased from a multi-national mining company from ethically mined Canadian rough diamonds. Manufacturing is done with our guidance and based on our specifications for our Canera Ideal Hearts, Canera Antique Cushion and Canera European Round diamonds. The resulting polished diamonds are directly marketed to the consumer. Victor Canera directly guarantees the ethically mined nature of these diamonds.

Moving forward we will continue with this integrated supply chain and will continue building up our inventory of ethically mined loose diamonds. Our goal is not just to offer some of the most finely crafted diamonds available today but to do so within the framework of ethical mining and social responsibility.