Blog / Diamond and Jewelry Trends for 2016

A 2.088 Canera Old European Cut Diamond
A Precision Cut, 2.088ct Canera European Round OEC Diamond.

2016 is shaping up to be a stellar year in terms of fashion and in the evolution of jewelry design. This decade has seen considerable interest by the general public in vintage jewelry. 2016 has seen even more interest and awareness by the public for antique inspired jewelry and diamonds. In decades past, jewelers would take vintage diamonds and commit diamond sacrilege by re-cutting these beautiful stones into modern cuts. Today, jewelers and trades people have come to appreciate the antique faceting of these timeless diamonds and recognize the strong demand by the consumer for these stones. Antique diamonds really shine when coupled with a true to period jewel. Thereby the increased interest  in vintage jewelry. Bezel set vintage center stones in a halo or as a solitaire have become popular. Victor Canera is extremely well positioned to cater to this growing market with our line of precision cut vintage diamonds such as the Canera European Round and Canera Antique Cushion. These lines can be beautifully paired with many of our antique inspired ring designs.

an art deco inspired ring with octagonal halo
The Helena Octagonal Halo Ring art deco inspired with a three leaf pave band.

As a sub-set of vintage designs, art deco inspired jewelry with geometric shapes have always been popular. We love the geometric and clean lines of the art deco period and always look for the opportunity to design that next beautiful art deco inspired piece. Adding geometric shapes such as an octagon can immediately yield an art deco theme to a design. This year we’ve done numerous octagonal shaped halos for round shaped center stones in earrings and ring styles that have resulted in show stoppers.

Pave has become the standard technique of adorning metal with diamonds in jewelry. We at Victor Canera love pave because it gives us flexibility in terms of our designs. With pave even the smallest surfaces of a design can be embellished with diamond melee giving the piece a more complete look. Shaped metal motifs or “Ajour” can also be set using pave making these motifs seem like side stones similar to a trilogy ring. Additionally even the choice of a pave style such as “bright cut pave” or “u-cut” and others can effect a drastic change to the look of a piece giving even more design flexibility. With the popularity of vintage themed designs, we’re seeing a resurgence of the more traditional form of pave “bright-cut pave” which can be millgrained lending itself more to antique designs.

A Multi-Row Pave Engagement Ring and Multi-Row Pave Band.

Contrasting to vintage sensibilities we are also seeing a trend towards slightly more modern designs. Solitaires in six prong and eight prong configurations with large diamonds can be visually stunning. These designs with larger diamonds of 1.5ct and above are quite popular with clean, swooping lines like our six prong solitaire with scalloped basket. The trend in solitaire designs is in creating unique center stone baskets whether it be with a unique profile, ajour work or pave set along the side of the center stone basket.

An Oval and Half Moon Trilogy Ring
An Oval & Half Moon Trilogy Ring.

Additionally, classic trilogy designs are making a comeback once again with the general public. Oval shaped diamonds are in vogue. Once considered “your grandmother’s diamond”,  oval diamonds are once again chic. Trilogy designs utilizing an oval shaped center stone flanked by half moons produce a beautiful look. Within the three stone engagement ring style, emerald cut center stones with tapered baguettes or art deco themed “bullet” shaped side stones are definitely in style and in demand. Victor Canera's groove set side stone system creates an even more fluid and seamless trilogy design. This technique eliminates the need for two prongs per side stones (a total of 4 per ring) that would have otherwise covered these diamonds. Fewer prongs result in more optimally showcased side stones.