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Diamond Color Undertones

Contrary to common belief, diamonds don't go in a straight line from white to yellow but can diverge with undertones such as brown, gray or green. We explain the pitfalls  of this phenomena allowing you to make an educated purchasing decision.

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Pave Styles Part 2: Modern Pave

With our second article about pave styles, we outline modern styles of pave. Modern pave such as u-cut, french cut, v-cut and neo-french pave are in style because of the minimal metal appearance that they produce.

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The Importance of a Jewelry Studio

The American jewelry manufacturer or "atelier" is a becoming a dying breed in this era of globalization. There are numerous advantages to the consumer though in dealing directly with a jewelry studio.

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The Diamond Supply Chain & the Consumer

The ethical sourcing of diamonds is an important issue that the consumer should be aware of. Victor Canera does its part in sourcing ethically and responsibly mined diamonds. We are also one of only a few jewelry and diamond e-tailers that is heavily involved in the manufacturing of our diamonds.

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